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I’m Dr. Karen, your mindset life coach 

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Allow Me to Start At the Beginning...

I was well on my way to the BIG life of what society would deem successful. 

So God Taught Me...

It happens in your mind before it happens in your life.  This is the foundation of the Thoughts Create™ Paradigm.  There is nothing that happens in life except it is conceived in the mind first.  All of life begins with a thought.  Just as breathing is a natural function of life, so is thinking.  

Thinking is a creative agent of life; as an actionable force of life yielding results.  Thinking is a skill that is to be learned and mastered for a lifetime. The power of intentionality and results-driven thinking gives way to success after success and win after win. 

Because God...All Things Dr. Karen

I’ll tell you the secret to your next level…Because God!  Dr. Karen is a Mindset Expert, TEDx Speaker, a PhD, published author, an inventor featured on QVC, and keynote speaker on national and regional platforms. I teach you the mindset that I used to reach all of may goals and to fulfill my dreams.

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Rid your life of negative self sabotaging self talk, develop barriers to stop  false thought patterns to create road blocks to your success.  Create proactive Mindset Pillars of Thought to develop a mindset to reach your goals and to never stop winning“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
—Dr. Karen Hypolite, PH.D.
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